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We at Prakash Industries Ltd. (PIL) believe that we are inter-twined with the society and it has always been our endeavor to understand the problems of the communities and to try to mitigate the same. For us the success is measured how well we fulfill our economic, environmental and social responsibilities. PIL has always taken an active interest and participation in the social welfare of the community and in rendering assistance for the development of the people in the surrounding areas.

The company’s initiatives towards fulfilling its philosophy of Corporate Social Responsibility include promoting education facilities, primary health centers, hospitals, sports club and places of worship, employment opportunity of the local people, recreation facilities and emphasis on plantation etc. 

Being conscious of its responsibility towards society, the management has undertaken several programs for the welfare of the Society and upliftment of the weaker section. Company has started “Mission 500” which is a project to establish BAAL SANSKAR KENDRAS (Coaching Centers) in 500 adopted villages in Janjgir-Champa, Raigarh and Bilaspur districts of Chhattisgarh. These coaching centers aim at harnessing the potentials and energies of the young children, providing them means to improve their personality and leadership qualities and ultimately make them good citizens and thereby assist in development of the state. These coaching centers, directly and indirectly, influence the villagers who get inspiration from the children to work for the development and progress of the village. 

Company has also organized Mid day meals programme through FFL (Food For Life), an nonprofit organization ) in association with ISKCON in which mid day meals are provided every day to the poverty stricken school children in and around Delhi.

Emphasizing on environmental friendly activities, the barren land around the plant has been developed in a green belt by plantation of trees and by initiating the land erosion control measures and enhancing the bio-productivity of land .Moisture of soil has been retained through Rain Water Harvesting System & Recycling of the Waste Water. 


PIL has adopted a two fold strategy to counteract the shortage of water in its vicinity. Deep water tube wells have been installed in the villages and training has been imparted to the village residents for maintenance of these tube wells to ensure perennial availability of potable water.

1. Installation of tube wells bore wells, submersible pumps, and hand pumps at Villages Hathnewara, Kota Dabri, Baradwar, Kosmunda etc.
2. Potable drinking water made available in villages nearby Chotia Mines.
3. Rain water harvesting wells in areas nearby Chotia Mines.
4. Installation of wells and submerged tubes wells in areas nearby Chotia Mines.
5. Construction of Community Centre, School building & Dispensary building in areas nearby Chotia Mines.
6. Launched Jan Bhagari programme in school at Chotia.

Renovation Of Public Places

PIL believes that its presence should add to the physical beauty of the surroundings of the town. Therefore, it has taken upon itself, the beautification of public spaces with the concurrence of the local administration. The renovation work includes repairing and construction of Bathing Ghats, Temples, Parks, Roads, Shelter sheds, rang Munch Stages, Bus stands and markets. Company has constructed bus shelters in Janjgir and Champa and work is in progress for bus shelters in other nearby areas also. Company has also constructed sheds in the district hospital at Janjgir and consistent efforts are being put in this direction. 

Together with the participation of the villagers we PIL successfully implemented some of its Corporate Social Responsibilities.

  • Contributed in the construction of Agarsen Bhawan at Champa.
  • Developed Buka Picnic spot near Madhai in Kathghora near Chotia Mines.
  • Constructed 500 sauchalayas under Nirmal Gram Swachh Yojna
  • Beautification of Champa, Janjgir, Katghora & Korba towns.
  • Constructed Bus shelters in Champa & Janjgir.
  • Construction of Samudayik Bhawan at Village Kotadabri
  • Construction of Dharmshala at Naila.
  • Renovation of Mahamaya Temple at Hathnewara Village
  • Construction of Kankalin dai Mandir at village Baradwar Basti.
  • Construction of Rangmanch at Uchchbhithi


Through close knit operations with educational institutions, PIL helps in propagating knowledge, both at the grass root level and to the ageing illiterate population of the surrounding villages, through its non-formal education programme. Besides, it has been regularly undertaking major repair work in various primary schools in its immediate surroundings. It has also constructed many class rooms and provided regular financial assistance for furniture & libraries of schools, besides contributing educational supplies, such as science apparatus, computer and sports kit.

  • Actively participated in development of Korba Engineering College.
  • Constructed school building at Chotia

PIL routinely distributes textbooks, school uniforms, notebooks students of schools in the vicinity. This is done to reduce the dropout rate in the area. PIL believes that helping a student by motivating him to complete at least his schooling would enable the child to get a slightly better chance in the outside world.


PIL organizes weekly health camps in its nearby villages with the help of its medical team, comprising of professional doctors and nursing staff. Preliminary check-ups are conducted and medicines distributed free of cost. Besides, the Company organizes camps for family planning, cancer detection, eye care, blood donation, etc on regular basis.

Wasteland Reclamation & Plantation

PIL has also undertaken Wasteland Reclamation projects in Chhattisgarh through varied Agro forestry soil & moisture conservation strategies. Basic outcome of these plantation projects are Enhancement in the Bio- productivity per unit area of the waste lands, Environment amelioration, Soil –moisture conservation and creating the rural employment opportunities etc. The Plantation project of the company has been certified as “Gold Standard CCBA Project” which is the finest one across South east Asia to be recognized as such.
Important milestones achieved are
  • 698.85 Acres of waste land already brought under scientific management plan till date.
  • 957 MT of Fuel wood and 545 MT of Green fodder distributed among the rural masses till date.
  • Vanvasi Sant Gahira Guruji Maharaj Award 2007″ for State’s Best Plantation project awarded by the “Chhattisgarh Environment Conservation Board
Apart from these benefits, PIL’s waste land afforestation efforts has contributed in increasing the forest cover, ground water recharging, Reduction in the topsoil losses due to wind and water erosion etc.