Prakash Industries Ltd. has also covered a long way in power generation sector. Over the years Power Generation has developed as a full fledged business adding profits vertically to the company. The company is presently operating a 230 MW captive power plant using Waste Heat Recovery Boilers and Fluidized Bed Boilers. By using the boilers based on using low quality fuel and waste gases, company is committed towards harnessing energy by using waste resources and other innovative and creative ideas.

Out of the total 230 MW of power which is generated, 65 MW is generated through co-generation route by harnessing the waste gases emanating from the sponge iron kilns and the balance 165 MW is coal based thermal power. The waste gases exiting the post combustion chamber at the sponge iron manufacturing unit at about 900-950° C are used to generate steam in a waste heat recovery boiler. The steam so generated is expanded in a steam turbine to produce electricity through the generator coupled to the turbine.