Steel Blooms & Billets

Praksh Industries boasts of such Steel making facilities which not only encompass the latest technology in metallurgy, but also equipments to ensure quality standards and accuracy.

Our Steel Melting Shop includes 29 Induction Furnaces. We have capacities to manufacture 1.10 million ton per annum of Billets and Blooms.

We manufacture Billets and Blooms at our Steel Melting Shop in Alloy, Carbon and Mild Steel Grades. Our facilities have been designed in a unique integrated manner, in which the Sponge Iron from our DRI Kilns is feeded in the SMS through ladles and overhead cranes.

In the furnaces, Pig Iron, Scrap and Ferro Alloys are added in appropriate mixes to manufacture Liquid Steel. Our Oxygen Plant provides the furnaces with oxygen, required to create an oxidizing atmosphere in them for manufacture of steel.